Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poem for Spring

Listen to the birds

The prodigious wind doth blow and heartily.

Something is about to happen.
Listen, it calls you…
bright from within the shining …
glistens, whispers, wet, alive.

Speak, but from the wordless place.

This wind outspeaks the loud roadways
outvoices birds, bells,
the ubiquitious
chrome chimes.

The open sky above the field
echoes dump trucks’ rattle.
high clouds line up,
booming by.

Dark over the lake, coming fast,
see the red-winged black-bird
hear the willow breathe –

all that roaring wind
punching branches up and down.
This is the week, the day
it may happen,
the first leaves.

Listen to the birds, robins, crows
They speak from the wordless place.
Something is about to…

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Place Like Home

Yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation are all ways of coming home to the place where the true you resides.

1. Come into proper sitting alignment with eyes closed. allow your spine to be long and naturally erect.

2. Take several full, deep, long breaths.

3. Inhale through your nose and exhale with an audible sigh, singing or saying 'Hoooh" on a single note until you are comfortably out of air. Repeat this several times. Allow yourself to become absorbed in the sound as you feel it resonate in your belly and vibrate in your heart.

4. Now inhale, then exhale, sighing, "Mmmmm" on the same note, mouth closed., Repeat several timmes. Allow this vibration to resonate in your heard.

5.Next, inhale through the nose. Combine the two sounds on the next exhalation with an open mouth, saying "Hooooh" and then "Mmmm" with a closed mouth. Feel your spine vibrate with this healing and soothing sound.

6. Practice this combination several times. Then simply sit in silence and listen to the sound of 'home' as if it were an echo singing back to you. Feel the effects of sound vibration on your body and mind.

Welcome home,

excerpted from Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles, Rachel Schaeffer